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Cedar Falls Rotary Club

Rotary 5000 Event to Benefit Honduras Water and Sanitation Project

Immediate Release (3/10/19)

For More Information:  Jim Coloff, (319) 231-5003

The Cedar Falls Rotary Club will give away $5,000 during their annual Rotary 5000 raffle event 6:00pm, Saturday, March 30.  The event includes a chicken or steak dinner and live music from the band The Enablers. It will be held at The Atrium in Prairie Lakes Park in the Cedar Falls Industrial Park.

The club is selling 100 raffle tickets for $100 each, with the raffle winner claiming the $5,000 prize.  The public is invited to purchase tickets for the raffle and dinner event, with proceeds going to fund a Rotary International grant project in Honduras to bring water and sanitation to four remote villages.  Tickets are available from any Cedar Falls Rotary member, or by contacting Laura Kann, Club President, at president@cedarfallsrotary.org.

The four villages are inhabited by 986 men, women and children.  Two of the villages do not have electricity, and none of the villages have a water supply system.  Inhabitants haul water to their homes from nearby streams. In the villages, there are rudimentary latrines that are shared amongst the villagers with only about 50% of the homes having “sanitary” bathroom facilities. 100% of homes have wood stoves vented to the exterior as their source of heat and cooking, and the main source of income for the villagers is coffee farming.  

This project will provide a well and water system which will bring water to each home in each village.  The project will also install Latrines for each home in the villages. The project will provide sanitary facilities for all the men, women and children in each village, and alleviate their dependence on unreliable streams and rain water for their water supply.

Each village and municipality is participating financially and providing manpower to build, install and maintain the systems.  

The Cedar Falls Rotary Club has pledged $7,000 for this project.